How we work



Getting to know you.

Our initial meeting with you, allows us to get to know you and understand your needs and what you wish to achieve? We want you to enjoy the experience of making changes and feel comfortable in your new environment
Your home interior should reflect you and how you want to live. We strive within your budget to get the best value and quality delivered on time.
By providing a hands on approach we will take the stress out of the process however large or small, so that you can enjoy your redesigned space.


For us design is not just about colour, fabric and furniture, it also incorporates lighting and sound . We use our designs to carefully balance all aspects of your life allowing different rooms to serve different functions making one complete home.
We use our extensive list of suppliers to deliver the exact requirements of your home environment .
When we leave your beautiful new home our hope is that you will feel we have designed with you and for you.

Project Managed & Pricing

Once the design is finished, priced and agreed we will project manage the whole process to completion, taking the stress away from you.
We work flexibly and can design your project in phases to minimize disruption .
Our charges can be:-
by the hour
by the room
or for a larger projects it’s sometimes more economical to charge a flat fee.